How to Replace Car Door Locks

Do you have a car and wondering how you can replace the door locks? You should note that the door locks in most cars are the same; therefore, if you can change one lock, you can change all the other locks.

You should start by removing the malfunctioning lock. This calls for you to roll the window all the way up. If your car has manual windows you should disconnect the window crank from the door using a wire hook.

You should then remove both the inner door handles using a screwdriver. If your car has power windows you should remove the switch panel and disconnect the electrical connector.

Using a flat trim stick or a similar tool you should detach the door panel from the fasteners. For ideal results you should remove the fasteners on both sides and at the bottom of the door panel.

You should then pull the panel away from the door until you are able to reach behind it in order to disconnect the two rods which operate the lock mechanism and door latch. The rods usually have plastic clips that hold them in place. All you need to do is to push the clips aside and lift the rods out of the door handle.

To expose the inside of the door you should peel the moisture shield back. You should look up at the inside of the door lock cylinder and find a spring C-clip. You should detach the rod that runs from the lock cylinder to the latch mechanism and disconnect the rod at the cylinder.

You should pull the C-clip using pliers and then insert the new lock cylinder from the outside. When inserting the new lock you should ensure that it gets in line with the keyhole. You should then reattach the clips that connect the latch to the lock and the outer door handle.

You should also paste the water shield back on the door using its own adhesive. If you have to, you should reconnect the window crank. Once the lock is in place you should repeat the same process for the other doors.


This is how you should go about replacing the door locks of your car. For ideal results, it’s wise that you hire professional locksmith white plains to help you with the work. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the locksmith is experienced in handling car locks.

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