Three Ways To Get Into Your Locked Home

We have all done it. We are in hurry to get out, and before we know it, we’re trying to get into our cars and we don’t have keys. Worse yet, we let the front door close and it’s locked. Before you grab your phone and call locksmith baltimore, here are some ways for getting back inside.

Consider who may have a key. Occasionally when we’re stressed, we do not always consider obviously. Therefore, take a deep breath and consider anyone you may have given a key to. This could be a neighbor who promised to feed your cat when you went away for the weekend before or a former roommate who still has a key.

Take off the doorknob. This works only if the deadbolt hasn’t been locked. The screws on most doorknobs are hidden. If you have a paper clip or other thin, bendable metal on hand, you can use it to insert it into the small hole near the knob itself. With one hand, push the metal piece in while using the other to pull and twist the knob. The knob should come off if you keep doing this for a while. After that, simply remove the metal ring that covers the knob to reveal the locking mechanism. You should be able to release the lock from there.

Call an expert locksmith. If all else fails and not any of the methods will work with your kind of lock, or you’re just not comfortable doing any of this, an expert locksmith is always available to assist. A lot of locksmiths work 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, and can dispatch someone to assist you within minutes. Be cautious to find a reliable local automobile locksmith who is licensed (if you live in an area where licenses, can give you a firm estimate and accepts credit cards.

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