What Are The Common Symptoms of Kidney Disease in Men

Kidney disease is a disorder that can affect men and women of all ages. If a person’s kidneys are damaged, there may present certain signs and symptoms. With men, these symptoms are associated with pain of different parts of the body and often urinary tract infections. What are the common symptoms of kidney disease in men?

The first common symptom of renal disease in men is urinary tract infection. Though urinary tract infection rarely happened on men, it is quite severe when it do occur and usually acts as the sign of serious kidney disease. Initially, the bacteria enter the urethra. Untreated properly, the infection can make its way to the kidneys, thus resulting in a serious infection. Pyelonephritis, foe example, usually occurs when both the kidneys and the prostate are not working properly.

The second common symptom of renal disease in men is flank pain. If you feel painful regularly in the back of the flank side, you may probably suffer from kidney disease. It could be a kidney stone, which is incredibly painful to pass. Or it may be other kidney problems, which can cause worse symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting in conjunction with abdominal pain. In this case, you should be checked out in hospital as soon as possible.

The third common symptom of renal disease in men is sexual problems. People with kidney disease may suffer from problems such as fatigue, too tired for sex, and low sex drive, meaning there may be something wrong with the endocrine system, which is directly affected by the kidneys. Erectile dysfunction may also occur, which is caused by high blood pressure or the onset of Diabetes.

The fourth common symptom of renal disease in men is lethargy. General weakness and lethargy, a sign of kidney failure, can be caused by the build up of acid in the body and urea in the bloodstream. You may lose appetite and have breathing problems due to the lungs are trying to buffer the acidity in the body by blowing off carbon dioxide more quickly. Blood pressure probably begins to increase, putting stain on the heart and circulatory system. As a result, your mental functions will slow down considerably and feel lethargy all the time.

Besides, the man with kidney disease may suffer from obvious body changes including large amount of weight gain, facial or body hair in strange places, breath and body odor or skin changes.

Take closely look at your condition and go to see a doctor if you suffer from one or more symptoms above-mentioned, because you may have some renal problems. Treatment in the early stage by kidney specialist doctor can help you control or even reverse the kidney disorders.

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