Where to Use Schlage Interconnected Locks

A number of security products companies, such as Schlage Locks, produce interconnected locks which are suitable for a variety of commercial applications. Interconnected locks have several advantages for commercial use.

Interconnected locks make a quick exit possible, which is critically important during an emergency situation. Double-locking mechanisms have the added security of re-locking when they close. This is particularly advantageous when an emergency requires the evacuation of an entire building. Owners and tenants can have peace of mind that the building’s contents will remain secure even when no one is inside the building.

Because only one motion from the inside opens both the regular lock and the deadbolt, the interconnected lock is particularly advantageous for a number of commercial building applications, including:

1) Commercial buildings which serve as residences for the elderly or sick, such as nursing homes. Since only one motion is required to release both locks, precious seconds can be saved when the elderly or the sick or their caregivers are required to exit a room quickly in an emergency, such as a fire. In buildings which primarily serve elderly or the infirmed, it is recommended that interconnected locks with lever-style releases be installed. Lever releases are typically easier for elderly people to operate, especially in a situation where panic may easily take over. The Schlage Locks S210PDF95 Single Locking and S251PDF97 Double Locking mechanismsare designed for indoor entrance doorssuch as these.

2) Schools and daycare centers. Commercial buildings such as these must be able to provide security for children, plus limited access to children from outside the building. Interconnected locks, such as the Schlage Lock S270 PD Classroom lock allows classroom doors to remain locked to the public from the outside. However, from the inside, doors can be unlocked with relative ease by an adult or by children, with both the cylindrical lock latch and deadbolt releasing simultaneously. The door automatically locks when it closes. This feature means that the door does not have to be manually re-locked each time someone exits.

3) Storerooms. Rooms that are used for storage, janitor’s supplies closets, etc. don’t necessarily require a heavy-duty locking mechanism, but still need to be locked when necessary. The Schlage Locks S280PDF98 Storeroom Lock discourages burglary and vandalism, while making a quick exit from inside possible without a key. When installed, the door can only be opened from outside with a key, limiting its accessibility to authorized personnel only. The latch engages automatically every time the door shuts.

The Schlage Locks S200 series of interconnected locks are designed for indoor, light-to-medium duty use. They provide a strong degree of indoor security for commercial buildings, and peace of mind for those who live in, work in, and own the buildings. The S200 series keeps both personal and corporate property safe, while at the same time protecting human lives in the event of an emergency. Hence, hiring the service of locksmith richardson tx is the wise decision for you. They know all about the new technology locks.

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